Amazon Today Quiz Answer for 25 April 2022: – Tipper

Amazon Today Quiz Answer for 25 April 2022:

   Amazon Today Quiz Answer for 25 April 2022: 

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Amazon Daily Quiz Answers-
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Question 1

*Who won the Man of the Series as Bangladesh recently beat South Africa in an ODI series played in South Africa ?

Answer : Taskin Ahmed

Question 2

*Who among these wrote the Story for the movie ‘RRR’ ?

Answer : Vijayendra Prasad

Question 3

*Crew-4 led by Kjell Lindgren will fly to the international space station in a Dragon Capsule from SpaceX named what ? 

Answer : Freedom

Question 4

*This famous US President’s father was a senior economist in the government of which country ?

Answer : Kenya

Question 5

*What is a psychological condition when people have a fear of being detached from this device called ?

Answer : Nomophobia

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