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Best Short Video Apps to Earn Money in India : How to earn money from Zili App

If you are also fond of making videos then Zili app can be the best platform for you. Here millions of people are making big money by making short videos. If you also want to earn money from Zilli app then follow my instructions. Read the complete article on how to earn money from Zilli app. Zilli app is very popular app for short videos.

Through today’s article, we will know about zeely app se paisa kaise kamaye, because you know that current era is online era, in today’s era, there are many options of online money making apps, you have many such apps available. Through which you can earn money online and one of those applications is Zilli App.

What is Zeely app?

First it’s app was there a Chinese app but when the Chinese run mobile app was shut down by the Indian government, its app released its Indian version. Nowadays youI’s App is an Indian app operated by China.

Nowadays its app is very popular in India, people are using it by uploading short videos. Due to which the number of followers on their account is increasing and this is one of the main reasons to earn money. The more followers you have on your account, the more you earn. So whenever you have that app if you work on it, focus more on increasing the number of followers on your account.

Zili App Review

App Name Zili Short Video App For India
Category Short Videos
App Size 35 MB
Rating 4.0 (5 Star)
Daily earning 1000 to 5000 rupees
Zili Short Video App For India

How to earn money by making videos This App

The main reason to earn money is to make videos. You cannot earn any money until you post any video on your account and the number of views and followers on it increases. Just like you earn money by posting videos or content on sites like Instagram, in the same wayIt’s App Also works.

if you tooIt’s App If you want to earn money then first of allIt’s App Create your own account and start uploading your own videos with good content and quality. The more videos you upload, the more people will watch and follow your videos. As soon as the number of followers increases on your app, you will start earning money from your account.


You can see Zili App as a social media application along with creating short videos because it keeps people connected with each other, if you want to earn money from Zili App then the easiest way is Sponsorship. This is the only method that is widely used by people.

Sponsorship is a form of promotion. In this way, big companies contact you and you have to promote the products or services of those companies on Zili App. For this, companies also pay huge amount to Creators on Zili App. , if you have a very large number of followers on Zili App, then your chances of getting sponsorship increase.

Let us tell you that these companies are looking for creators who have a large number of followers/audience and that audience likes to see their products or services. If your number of followers on Zili App is high, then you You can also earn good money through sponsorship.


You can also earn a lot of money by promoting small creators on Zili App, to promote small creators you can make them part of your short videos or tell your followers about them, in return. You can charge money from those small creators.

Nowadays there are many creators who are making good money by doing this kind of promotion, one of the advantages of promotion is that it encourages small creators to create good content, in this way you can You can also earn money by doing self promotion.

If the number of audience watching you on Zili App is high, then you can increase the subscribers on your channel by promoting your YouTube channel, and as soon as the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel increases, then you start making money from YouTube too. will be

Through E-Commerce Platforms

You must know that nowadays people like to buy goods online very much, for example Flipkart and Amazon are very popular among people to buy and sell goods.

You can also earn a lot of money by selling your goods on Flipkart, Amazon or any other site, you have to share the account of these sites with your Zili audience, if you have more followers on Zili App then your earnings too. Can be more.

Zili App Feature:

Simple User Interface: Zeely Short Video app has a simple and clear user interface which is easy to use.

Video Editing: To make videos more attractive, users can add numerous filters, effects and music.

Video Creation: The software enables users to create quick movies that they can share with their loved ones.

Find videos: Using the app’s trending themes, hashtags and categories, users can find interesting videos.

Share Videos: Users can quickly share their videos with their friends and family on social media sites.

Live Streaming: The software gives users the option to broadcast their videos live.User comments on videos allow viewers to interact with the creator and express their appreciation.

Emoji Reactions on Videos: The software enables users to respond to videos using various emojis.Users can join various video communities to watch and check fresh content.Followers and Following: Users have the option to follow other creators as well as be followed by other users.

How to Create Account on Zili App

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Search for Zili app in the search bar.
  • There you will see the Zili app
  • Download Zilli app in your mobile.
  • After that open Zili app.
  • After opening, you will be taken to sign up, click on it.
  • As soon as you click on the sign up button, you will be asked for some personal information.
  • While filling your personal information, also enter your mobile number.
  • After that an OTP will be sent to your mobile number, enter it in the OTP bar.
  • Your account will be verified as soon as you submit the OTP.
  • After this you can use your account.

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