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Top 10 Scariest Haunted Tourist Destinations in the World

Are you interested in the paranormal? Do you like visiting and reading about actual destinations that have stories and legends of ghosts and hauntings? Whether you are a believer or not, there are many places around the world that capitalize on the history of the goings on at their location.

10. Zvikov Castle, Czech Republic

Zvikov Castle in the Czech Republic has a long history of facing hard times and getting back up again. The construction dates back to the early 1200s when it owned by Bohemian royalty. Stones with markings in the tower date earlier than that, to prehistoric times. The castle went through a few centuries of wars, and by the 1800s was a farm building only. It restored and reconstructed, damaged, and restored again. The resident ghost is a supernatural trickster or imp, that lives in the tower. Visitors report strange events with fires extinguishing inexplicably. Ghostly fire hounds guard an underground tunnel.

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